Botanical Series

materials: etching ink on Arches Cover Stock
dimensions: 19" x 25" (unframed)
Hauberg Fellowship: Pilchuck Glass School. Stanwood, WA
photo credit: Troy Corliss

About the Hauberg Fellowship:
The John H. Hauberg Fellowship is named after Pilchuck cofounder John H. Hauberg (1916–2002), a philanthropist, art collector, and important supporter of artists. The twelve-day Hauberg residency, established to encourage collaboration among a group of outstanding artists, offers an opportunity to create new work that utilizes Pilchuck facilities and/or is inspired by the Pilchuck environment.

2010 John H. Hauberg Fellowship recipients:
Elin Christopherson, Troy Corliss, Saya Moriyasu, Maria Porges, and Lucy Puls.