Valley Balls
Billy Conlin / Freeport Shores Youth Sports Complex, Sacramento, CA

materials: terrazzo & granite
commissioned by: Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission, 1998
project architect: George Doxas, Tin-Wa Wong. City & County of Sacramento
photo credit: Troy Corliss

In 1998 Troy Corliss created and installed the sculpture and seating structure "Valley Balls" for the City of Sacramento's Freeport Shores community sports complex. Valley Balls consists of five "squished" and oversized colorful terrazzo balls. Each of the five balls depicts a well used stone version of one the sports' balls that would be played at the complex. The five balls are positioned at the main plaza of Freeport Shores and serve as a congregating feature that park visitors may sit or play on. In addition to each of the balls representing a different sport, they are each hand molded creating unique characteristics with in a unified whole. Since its 1998 installation Valley Balls has served as a spirited play and seating structure on the central plaza of the community sports park.

In 2000, Art In America magazine selected this work for their annual “best of” edition which highlighted recent public art commissions nation wide.

In 2003 the park underwent the Phase II construction and name change to Billy Conlin Field. This expansion generated an opportunity to create two additional balls, expanding the original 5-ball sequence. SMAC commissioned this work and it was installed in July 2003.