Native Oaks
City of Roseville, Civic Center Building, Rotunda Interior, Roseville, CA

materials: terrazzo, glass
dimensions: entry rotunda approximately: 40' diameter x 50' high
commissioned by: City of Roseville, 2002
consultants: Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission
building architect: Williams + Paddon Architects
consultant: Vlade Mamayev, Build-EX
photo credit: Troy Corliss

The entry rotunda of the City of Roseville Civic Center building offered the opportunity to work within a large open interior room surrounded by floor to ceiling windows. The work, titled "Native Oaks" brings the idea of the surrounding natural heritage into a civic environment.

The floor, the acorns and the glass leaves articulate the interior architecture of the lobby as an organic arrangement of sculptural elements. The 32' diameter circular floor consists of hand made terrazzo tiles set in an intricate spiraling pattern of color. Some of the tiles exhibit hand carved leaf shapes that are specific to each of the five oak species native to the Roseville region.

The terrazzo acorn sculptures are set in clusters around the room creating a 3- dimensional companion to the terrazzo floor. Each of the clusters serves as seating or play structures for children of any age. Acorns range from 3'- 5' in length.

The glass leaves hang down into the center of the room and appear just out of arms reach from the lobby floor. This effect draws attention up into the ceiling dome. When seen from the balcony, the intermingling of the glass leaves is framed by the limestone columns and the towering glass windows. The glass leaves are each hand formed from a gather of molten glass. The leaves range from 8"- 14" tall. As a group, they create a canopy that covers the entry of the rotunda.