Suisun City Library, Suisun City, CA

materials: glass & stainless steel
commissioned by: Solano County, 2009
created with: Elin Christopherson
consultants: Point 2 Structural Engineers
Bloom Art Consulting
building architect: Paul Roberts & Partners, Inc.
client department: Solano Public Library
photo credit: Troy Corliss

This suspended sculpture resides in the main reading room in the Suisun City Library. Suisun City, CA is close to Travis Airforce Base and to a great flyway of migratory fowl. The sequencing wing sets are suggestive of birds in flight, while their construction is reminiscent of wing designs found in early aviation.

The wing sets cover an area about 36’x 36’ and are suspended between 11’- 16’ above the floor. The small wing pairs measure 6’ across, while the larger pairs measure 8.5’ across. The materials are kiln fused sheet glass and stainless steel.