Fluttering Canopy (aka, "the burning bush")
West Sacramento Community Center, West Sacramento, CA

materials: steel & glass
commissioned by: City of West Sacramento, CA, 2010
consultants: Point 2 Structural Engineers
Elin Christopherson
building architect: Group 4 Architecture, Research + Planning, Inc.
building engineer:

Degenkolb Engineers

client: City of West Sacramento, Department of Parks & Recreation
photo credit: Troy Corliss

The interior stair well of the Community Center building is home to this brightly colored, suspended glass sculpture. Within the vaulted space of the stair landing, a flurry of glass leaves spiral up over head, creating a pattern that resembles the complex assembly of a tree canopy.

The cantilevered stair landing is surrounded on three sides by windows that stretch from the height of the landing floor to the ceiling. By extending the stair landing outside of the building envelope, the enclosure produces an architectural shift in the space, that creates a very open and well lit environment connecting the first floor with the second floor balcony and produces a myriad of viewing angles from which to explore the artwork.

Each of the glass leaves measure 15”x 19”, while the entire branching structure measures about 8’ high/ 8’ wide/ 15’ long.