Tall Grass Tapestry
DART Central Station, Second Floor Waiting Area

materials: glass & stainless steel
commissioned by: DART- Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority
consultants: Point 2 Structural Engineers.
building architect: substance  ARCHITECTURE INTERIORS DESIGN
client: DART- Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority
photo credit: Troy Corliss

Suspended on the second floor of the public waiting area at the DART Central Station, this artwork forms a tapestry, consisting of 40 kiln formed glass panels, creating a presentation much like the religious iconography of a cathedral window. The two story glass wall that frames the main entrance to the building is an architectural focal point of the facility and provides visual access to both the interior and exterior of the building.

Historically, the majority of the Iowa landscape was once populated by tall grass prairies. These native grasslands are characterized by an incredibly diverse mosaic of plant and animals species. The complexity of this ecosystem has evolved under an array of intense and periodic disturbances over thousands of years resulting in a dense biological network above and below ground. This colorful and translucent tapestry symbolizes the tall grass prairie and produces a vibrant and intriguing image above the main entrance of the building.