Maritime Commerce in Alameda-The Estuary of San Antonio
Target Store, Alameda Landing. Alameda, CA

materials: digital print (vitreous enamel) on glass
commissioned by: Target Corporation. 2013
through, City of Alameda's Public Art Program
consultants: Point 2 Structural Engineers.
building architect: MBH Architects
building contractor: The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company
special thanks to: David Rumsey Map Collection
San Francisco Maritime Library
photo credit: Troy Corliss

The mural design creates an architectural accent to the pedestrian entrance on the front of the Target store at Alameda Landing. Historically, this location held close ties to the ports in San Francisco and the
establishment of the transcontinental railroad before it was acquired and developed by the US Navy. Prior to development in the late 1800’s, the original channel, tide lands and salt marshes surrounding the “Estuary of San Antonio” were of significant ecological importance to the greater San Francisco Bay. The exact nature of this fragile shoreline and waterway can only be speculated on today. The history of the Alameda Landing as a transportation corridor is much more well documented, beginning with the established ranchero landings that existed along the Alameda Co. coast line through present day. The image is a composite design of historic and current photos and drawings.

This printing process is an archival fired on ceramic frit material that is digitally transferred and then baked onto the glass panels. The artwork was funded and placed by Target through the City of Alameda’s Public Art Program, Art in Private Development.